20 Celebs Who Don’t Believe In God


Despite living in the 21st century, with many previously unimaginable things being widely accepted, saying that you are an atheist will raise many eyebrows. However, some people, including celebrities, don’t really care much about the reactions of other folks, and openly admit they are not religious. Here are some of the most famous stars who have been outspoken when it comes to their lack of faith:

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has never declared herself a religious person, but she has also never considered herself an atheist. In fact, the topic of religion was rarely a part of Jolie’s interviews, so there is not much to go on.

Still, this famous actress did express her hope that there is a God, for the sake of those who believe. On the other hand, she is living proof that people do not need religion to be kind and generous towards other human beings, given that she has helped so many people over the years and adopted three children.

She also shows respect to different cultures and people who do believe, so she has had her son Maddox learn about Buddhism and go to temples, as that is an important part of his Cambodian heritage. All of this, in addition to the fact that she has never openly declared herself a believer, earns her first place on this list.

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