Kim Kardashian Takes Nephew To Movies


You usually don’t see Kim Kardashian out and about doing every day normal things, but every now and then you see that she is just a regular person like everyone else. She was recently out on Auntie Kim duty, with her nephew Mason. Mason is the son of Kim’s sister Kourtney.

Kim was out in Beverly Hills with Mason and they were seen leaving the movie theater after watching the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. They were asked by a reporter about the movie, and of course, Kim chose to ignore the people who were taking pictures and video of her.

However, Mason was very pleasant. He told reporters that they had just seen the Ninja Turtles movie, and even commented that the purple one was his favorite.

Kourtney, her husband and two children are apparently living in a hotel currently, because they are getting some nasty black mold removed from the home that the recently purchased from former NFLer Keyshawn Johnson.

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