Kimmel And J-Lo Do A Super-Lame Skit


We quite like Jimmy Kimmel and The Tonight Show. It usually boasts more hits than misses and when you got a talented celebrity like Jennifer Lopez guest starring, you expect Jimmy to knock it out of the park. Well, he didn’t last night and J-Lo sure didn’t help.

The idea behind the skit was a simple and potentially hilarious one – Jimmy and Jen would play two teen girls, with all their annoying habits and idiosyncrasies. It’s something everyone can relate to, right, even the teen girls?

And it would probably have worked if the skit hadn’t been written by a 75-year old Mormon Republican with far too many issues who also found the time to knock Jimmy’s teeth out and make him impossible to understand and to shoot 6 billion milliliters of caffeine into Jennifer, making her waaay to hyper.

In short, it didn’t quite work out. If you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself.

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