Kiss’ Simmons Calls Prince’s Death “Pathetic”


Unless you’re a devoted member of the Kiss Army, there’s a good chance that you’ll agree with this statement – Gene Simmons is an annoying, attention-seeking dimwit.

He seems to always have an opinion about everything, and it’s usually a terrible one. Take the death of legendary pop icon Prince, for example.

Simmons went on record to call Prince‘s death “pathetic” because it may or may not have involved a drug overdose.

According to Simmons, who claims that he has never been high or drunk in his life, dying from alcohol or drug related problems is pathetic, adding that the death of recently departed pop celebrity David Bowie was much more tragic than Prince‘s death, because Bowie died of cancer.

His opinion stinks so much that not even Kiss can stand behind it. One of his band mates, Paul Stanley, had to take to Twitter to save face and denounce Simmons‘ ignorant remarks about the Purple One.

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