Kylie Jenner Announces Lip Gloss With A Motion-Picture Trailer


Shortly after her Lip Kit broke the Internet, Kylie Jenner decided to shift her attention elsewhere. Bad news for all you matte lip lovers out there – it looks like it’s all about the gloss now. Jenner hinted before that she is planning on expanding her makeup empire, but now she’s announced a new line of lip glosses in the most Kylie way possible – with a motion-picture trailer.

The clip, which was probably inspired by Rihanna’s “BBHMM,”  depicts a band of women who are kicking some serious behinds and getting heaps of money in the process. Oh, and they’re wearing thick, gooey lip gloss which looks like the one that was popular in 2006.

The video was directed by Colin Tilley and has amassed over a million views in just under a few hours. The glosses come in three shades and launch tomorrow. Check out the video below:

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