Are Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Getting Back Together?


They were once the golden couple of Canadian rock, but Avril Lavigne and Nickleback singer Chad Kroeger have been estranged for some time now. However, there’s still hope that they could be mending their difference and getting back together.

The two arrived as a couple on the red carpet for the Juno Awards, which are kind of like the Canadian Grammys. What does this mean? The couple announced seven months ago that they were splitting up? Could they be rekindling their romance? We hope so. Naturally, someone asked Avril about it. The pop rock singing sensation said that she was just there supporting Kroeger, because Nickleback were nominated for an award.

The two even came together by private jet. But don’t get carried away, everyone, the Canadian rock celebrities might not be getting back together. Remember, it’s Canada, and everyone is nicer there than in America. In fact, Lavigne and Kroeger have remained friends even after the breakup, and have even been working in the studio since breaking off the romantic relationship. But we still do hope that they fall back in love again!

Boots on the ground in Calgary ?? Juno Awards @nickelback

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