Kylie Jenner Has No More Room In Her Life For Tyga


According to Kylie Jenner, she and Tyga are done for good. The couple, who dated for around two years, already broke up once in 2015 but claim there’s no coming back this time.

They split just a few days before Met Gala, so it makes sense that they didn’t seem all that close at the event. What’s more, it looks like Kylie is not too pleased that he showed up at the gala because he was invited solely on the basis of being her boyfriend.

As for the reason for their breakup, sources close to Kylie claim that she’s simply too good for Tyga – or any man for that matter. She’s too young, beautiful, and rich to spend her days with someone who doesn’t want to live life the way she does. While she wants to travel and party and do all those things that 18-year-old millionaires do, 26-year-old Tyga wants to focus on his career. Besides, they fought all the time over trivial things, including what to eat and the like.

Who knows, maybe she’ll really make peace with Blac Chyna now that Tyga is no longer a part of her life?

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