Leonardo DiCaprio: No Oscar, No Hygiene


It is a shame when celebrities get into an issue, particularly environmentalism, they feel the need to make themselves look as ‘real,’ and original, as possible. It doesn’t make Leonardo DiCaprio any more plausible as an environmental campaigner to look as if he has been living squarely in the actual environment, without access to running water, razors and moisturizer. For months.

On Sunday night, September 21 DiCaprio urged the audience of global leaders and philanthropists to, according to the Daily Mail, “put environmental issues at the forefront of the human agenda.”

Admirable thing to say, but also on his agenda could be just a regular visit to a barber. DiCaprio’s wilderness man look is even stranger when this ugly muff is sitting on top of a stunning blue evening suit.

However, the beard has conquered the world. It is everywhere.

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