Madonna Defends Her Met Gala Outfit


Madonna, who’s built her entire decade-long career as Queen of Pop, has had to defend herself and her fashion choices for the first time ever.

Namely, the 57-year-old singer showed up at this year’s Met Gala in a daring Givenchy outfit that exposed both her boobs (the nipples were covered, though) and her derriere. Expectedly, she made the headlines but for all the wrong reasons.

Despite the fact that you may argue that such a revealing look is not appropriate for a high-profile event such as the Met Gala, Madonna was criticized for wearing a sheer dress at her age. Mind you, those same critics didn’t have a problem with Lady Gaga’s naked behind.

What happened next was that Madonna took to Instagram to point out that her haters are ‘ageist’ and ‘sexist,’ adding that she has never ‘thought in a limited way and I’m not going to start.’

You can read her entire post here:

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