Michelle Obama Does Carpool Karaoke


The Late Late Show host James Corden can apparently get any celebrity he wants in his car to sing karaoke with him, even the First Lady of the United States.

Last night’s Carpool Karaoke segment features Michelle Obama riding around Washington D.C. with Corden, talking, dancing, and of course, singing some tunes.

As you probably would expect, the First Lady sang some Beyonce. As you know if you’ve seen the show, Corden likes to bring in special guests to surprise people during carpool karaoke, and of course, that’s just what he did last night as well.

Joining Corden and Obama was rap superstar Missy Elliot, who helped the two sing her track “This Is For My Girls.”

The First Lady looked like she was having a blast and admitted to Corden that she rarely gets a chance to crank up the music when in the car.

Hilariously, the Twitter account of the Secret Service tweeted Corden and The Late Late Show, thanking them for getting the First Lady back to the White House in one piece.

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