Miley Cyrus Under Investigation For Desecrating Mexican Flag


Mexican authorities are investigating Miley Cyrus after the highly controversial singer performed in Monterrey, Mexico Tuesday night and at one point during the show had her dancers whip her fake butt with a Mexican flag.

According to Fusion’s Mexico City correspondent Manuel Rueda, Miley’s performance has been ‘widely covered’ and the part of the show featuring the Mexican flag may have actually violated a law that protects “national emblems, the flag and the national anthem.”

‘’The 35-page law protecting national symbols regulates the proper use of Mexico’s flag in schools, public buildings, and during government ceremonies, but does not exactly include any clause specific to butt-flogging. Article 52 does, however, say that acts which show “disrespect for the flag and national symbols, will be punished according to their seriousness and the condition of the person who commits them. According to the law, disrespecting the flag can be punishable with fines up to 250 minimum wages, or 36 hours in jail. And if the infraction is committed for commercial purposes, the crime can be punished with a fine of up to 1,000 minimum [daily] wages — or roughly $5,200.’’

Mexican lawmaker Francisco Trevino Cabello has spoken out against the incident.

“They are hitting her with the flag, or cleaning her backside. It’s a lack of respect. The interior ministry must sanction the singer Miley Cyrus for desecrating the flag.”

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