Rihanna Angry CBS Pulled Her Football Intro Song


Pop star Rihanna had a deal with CBS that called for the station to play one of her songs as the intro of the Thursday Night Football game. However, CBS decided to pull it.

The reason was that the controversy regarding Ray Rice had just broke, and the station did not feel that it would be proper to start the broadcast with a sugary pop song. A video had leaked earlier of Baltimore Ravens running back Rice punching an knocking out his then-girlfriend now-wife in an Atlantic City elevator and then dragging her out of it by her legs.

However, Rihanna did not understand the decision to pull the track. She responded with expletives to the decision via Twitter saying that CBS pulled the song last week but wants it for this week, and that she was not going to give it to them. No news yet on whether the track will kick off this weeks game broadcast or not.


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