Jay Z, Beyonce To Buy Ridiculously Huge Beverly Hills Mansion


Whenever you think of Beyonce and Jay Z, you probably think of New York City first. But it looks like the power couple are interested in moving out to California soon.

Perhaps they want to be closer to Kim and Kanye? Or maybe they just have so much money that they figured that they should might as well buy a Beverly Hills mansion like all the rich celebs do.

But when Jay Z and Beyonce do something, they always do it big. And according to reports, they are looking at a completely, ridiculously luxurious and enormous mansion in the Hills worth a total of $85 million.

Real estate sources from the area said that the couple visited this property two times over the summer and that they are very interested in buying it. It is a 23,000 square foot mansion that is located on a cliff that gives them an absolutely amazing view of not only Malibu, but also downtown Los Angeles.

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