Doctor Snapped Selfie Of Anesthetized Joan Rivers

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In one of the most disturbing reports of the year, it seems that a doctor that was operating on comedian Joan Rivers before she died took a selfie of himself with Rivers while she was knocked out cold.

The doctor was the one who performed the biopsy on Rivers’ vocal chords. This procedure was an unauthorized one and it was actually what led to the cardiac arrest that resulted in the death of the comedienne.

According to reports, the picture was taken on September 4 in the Yorkville Endoscopy procedure room in Manhattan. The doctor apparently first put Rivers under anesthesia and then snapped a quick picture of himself with the passed out star.

Rivers passed away at the age of 81. She was a groundbreaking comedian that opened the door for a lot of female comics. Her funeral was a star-studded event that featured eulogies from famous Hollywood stars such as Howard Stern and Hugh Jackman.

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