Rapper Waka Flocka Looking To Hire Personal Blunt Roller


Are you looking for a job but can’t find employers that need anything you’re particularly good at? Are you good at rolling marijuana joints? Well then we have the perfect job for you.

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka announced via social media that he is looking for a personal assistant to roll his blunts for him so that he doesn’t have to go through the trouble of doing it. And best of all, he said that he is willing to pay a starting salary of $50,000 to the person who gets the position.

Of course, applications started pouring in, not via email, but through Instagram. People started sending pictures and videos to Waka showcasing their skills as blunt rollers with the hashtag #IcanRoll.

Who will be the lucky candidate? Does he or she have to be from Atlanta? Is Waka serious or just joking?

We’ll have to wait an find out. But if you want the job, be sure to send your application via Instagram as soon as possible.

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