Miley Urges Fans To Swap Nicotine For Weed


Troubled star Miley Cyrus preached about the dangers of nicotine during a break in her comeback concert in London on Tuesday night, May 6. She stated nobody wanted to make out with her, so she had to quit on cigarettes.

After her health crisis in April, when she had to call off many shows on her Bangerz tour, she got back on the stage.

When she smelled cigarette smoke at O2 Arena, she made a joke about it.

She addressed a fan smoking by saying, “It smells like somebody’s smoking in here and you’re not smoking the good stuff.”

She then went on and encouraged her fans to quit cigarettes, and switch to weed.

She said, “You know weed has never killed anybody. Instead of smoking a cigarette, why don’t you roll a fat joint.”

The star singer added, “I used to smoke, I smoked for three years and they were the best three years of my life… but they (cigarettes) slowly started to kill me and I started looking old and I’m only 21… and no one wanted to make out with me.”

In the middle of smoking all these joints… I could get any guy and girl to make out with me, because my breath smelled so hot.”

I love cigarettes but I can’t smoke, so now I’m just trying to bring you guys all down with me, and make you not smoke either… I’m p**sed off because I can’t have a cigarette. I wish cigarettes didn’t kill people, because then I would f**king smoke all day.”

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