Lady Gaga Subtly Accuses Perry of Plagiarism


Lady Gaga took to Twitter to comment on the look of fellow female pop star Katy Perry’s stage setup and performance on her new tour. Perry has just started her Prismatic World Tour. When pictures came out from her first show in Ireland, Gaga went to Twitter to make a few comments.

She believes that Perry might have gotten a lot of inspiration for the way her live show looks from things Gaga herself has done with her stage show in the past.

There were pictures from the tour online that showed Perry wearing a green wig and incorporating mechanical horses into her stage show. As Gaga fans know, she had a green hairdo for her recent photo shoot with controversial photographer to the stars Terry Richardson. Another fact that Gaga fans are well aware of is that she made an entrance to the 2013 American Music Awards mounting a giant mechanical horse.

Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but it seems that Gaga is not too thrilled about her pop rival taking tips from her when it comes to live performances. While she did not accuse Perry outright of copying her, what she implied via Twitter was easy to understand.

Everyone is waiting for Perry to respond, but as of now, she has yet to say anything. Perhaps she is too busy with the tour to focus on this feud, but at the same time, she might be refraining from commenting because Gaga does make a good point.

It will be interesting to see if this beef continues and if the female superstars are willing to exchange a few jabs via social media to stir the situation up a bit. Only time will tell whether Perry will be coming back with a witty jab of her own to get back at Gaga for her comments.

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