Roberts Uncomfortable Eating In Front of Skinny Co-Star


Julia Roberts and Matt Bomer are co-starring in a new movie called “The Normal Heart,” in which Bomer plays an Aids victim. Roberts reported that she felt incredibly uncomfortable eating in front of Bomer, who was on an incredibly strict diet because he needed to lose a significant amount of weight to play the part of dying Aids patient Felix Turner.

The movie will be a straight to television one, based on the play of the same name written by Larry Kramer. The production on the movie was shut down for three months in order to give Bomer time to lose all of the weight he needed to transform himself into the shape that the role demands of him.

Roberts said that she was truly shocked when everyone returned to the set and she could finally see how much weight Bomer was able to lose. Bomer apparently went full method actor for the role and Roberts described his energy and personality change as well as he continued to lose weight. She said that Bomer really let the role take over his life and sacrificed a lot for the role.

The famed actress also said that she felt incredibly uncomfortable, and often times terrible, for eating large meals in front of him. Julia said that she would be eating large, high-calorie lunches like bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches right in front of Bomer.

She said that her co-star claimed that he did not mind it, but it’s understandable that Roberts felt a bit guilty eating so much in front of a person who is on a severely restricted diet. However, she said that it did not bother Bomer, despite the fact that he was eating lunches at the time that featured nothing more than some lettuce and a couple of almonds a day.

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