Debbie Reynolds Bruised Her Face In Bathroom


Film legend Debbie Reynolds is recovering from a badly bruised face after a midnight fall at her Hollywood mansion.

The star showed off her tragic new look on Wednesday, May 14 as she was promoting her third memorabilia auction.

The auction is scheduled to take place at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studios in north Hollywood in May 17-18.

She told reporters, “I fainted, plummeted to the ground and I hit a rock in my bathroom. It was 12 at night and I just bruised everything.”

The auction will feature the last pieces from her vast collection of memorabilia. It will also include costumes worn by Ingrid Bergman, Orson Welles, Gregory Peck and Grace Kelly, and signed hats worn by Charlie Chaplin and Harpo Marx.

Her artefacts, many coming from MGM and 20th Century Fox sales from the early 1970s, cover a wide set of stars, films, and silver-screen arcana.

Nikki Nelson/WENN

Nikki Nelson/WENN

Now those artefacts are up for Debbie’s final auction, at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in North Hollywood. So on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18.

Interested auctioneers could bid for hats worn by Vivien Leigh in “Gone with the Wind,” a Mae West gown, a Charlie Chaplin bowler hat, a chapeau worn by Harpo Marx, and costume pieces from “Citizen Kane.”

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