Miranda Lambert Claims Blake Shelton Cheated On Her, Not The Other Way Around


Miranda Lambert claims to have always been faithful and loving to her husband Blake Shelton, and that she has always ‘kept her boots under the bed’. Unlike him, she says. In a standard case of he said/she said, we are dragged into a feud revolving around unfaithfulness. Now the only question left is who cheated on who, when, and why.

But it seems that it wasn’t the only problem the pair was facing over the past few months. Apparently, one of the issues was also Blake who loved being a celebrity, while Miranda didn’t. Also, the stories about forming a family with children pressed them into bitter conversations and grim topics, although sources claim they haven’t played a part in the divorce.

In the end, it seems everything crumbled as the rumours about infidelity hit the light of day.

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