Meek Mill Apologizes To Fiance For Drake Bashing


Meek Mill is pretty much known to commercial rap fans as the guy who is engaged to marry the hottest chick in the rap scene, Nicki Minaj. Sure, a lot of people know him for his music, but casual listeners know him because of his girlfriend.

So why would he start bashing someone who is incredibly important to her? For the sake of publicity? It was a pretty weird situation. Meek Mill launched attacks on rapper Drake this week, saying that he does not write his own rhymes.

He then gave a public apology to his fiance Nicki, saying that the rants were not a good look.

As most people know, Nicki and Drake have been great friends and label mates for some time. They are incredibly close, which is why Mill’s behavior is all the more puzzling.

And even though he apologized for the rant, he didn’t take back his accusations.

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