Cosby Will Finally Have To Answer Some Questions


Throughout this entire sordid tale about Bill Cosby and dozens of women he allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted, one thing has been very conspicuous – his silence. He has managed to remain silent (for the most part), as if this has nothing to do with him.

Well, things are finally happening and there are indications that he will be made to answer questions. Namely, Californian Supreme Court just gave permission to Gloria Allred to proceed with the civil suit she filed on behalf of her client Judy Huth who was allegedly assaulted by Cosby at the Playboy Mansion in the 1970s when she was only 15.

As part of the civil suit, Allred plans to put Cosby on stand and have him give a deposition concerning her client’s case, but not only that one. She wants to have Cosby answer questions about the alleged assaults and harassments that involve more than 35 women. In addition to this, his deposition is planned to be made public.

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