Cara Delevigne Defends Her Acting Skills


It’s not easy being a supermodel. You get paid thousands of dollars for looking nice and having people take photos of you. And then, when acting offers start pouring in, you have to defend yourself and explain to everyone that you actually do have talent and that this is why professional actors who have been honing their skills for decades are beaten to roles by you.

The last model who is going through this is poor Cara Delevigne whose modeling and social media skills have made her a superstar. Now, she is slated to appear in Suicide Squad as Enchantress and in Paper Towns as Margo and she feels the need to explain to everyone that she is a bona fide actress and not just a pretty face.

If you ask us, we’d wait till we see the movies before we give our opinion. Perhaps she is correct in saying that her acting talent and hard work are the only reasons why she is getting these roles.

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