Tom Cruise Delivers A Phenomenal Lip-Sync Performance On “Fallon”


It’s been a while since we last saw Tom Cruise in action, but his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s latest ”Lip Sync Battle” is nothing short of spectacular.

It pretty much left everyone in the studio, Fallon included, speechles and more than impressed. Cruise kicked off the game with The Weekend’s “I Can’t Feel My Face”, and said that he really couldn’t feel his face afterwards. The ”Mission Impossible’ star nailed it, stealing the spotlight during pretty much every song he performed, sometimes even making Fallon seem unimportant.

But Jimmy had a few tricks up his sleeve too, and his performance of Rolling Stone’s “Undercover of the Night” was a sight to behold, even though his bandaged finger couldn’t allow him to mimic Jagger’s ostentatious hand claps.

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