Jimmy Fallon Almost Had His Ring Finger Amputated


After experiencing the worst two weeks of his life, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has fully recovered from a nasty hand injury and is back on air with all 10 fingers.

In case you haven’t heard, the popular host almost lost his ring finger in a bizarre kitchen accident last month. As he was walking through his kitchen, Fallon slipped on a rug and his wedding ring got caught on a countertop during the fall. Since his finger was almost severed, Jimmy was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors told him to prepare for the worst.

Even though the majority of such injuries result in amputation, Fallon was lucky enough to keep his finger and make a full recovery. However, he is determined never to wear his wedding ring on his finger again and says that he can’t wait to burn his wife’s kitchen rug to the ground. Well, one thing’s for sure – Nancy won’t be pleased.

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