Justin Bieber Continues To Shock The World


Justin Bieber has had his ups and downs ever since he first captured our attention back in 2007, and now it seems that he is ready to leave his controversial behavior behind him. After years of partying and hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Bieber is currently in the spotlight because of his phenomenal achievements in high school.

Though he never bragged about it, the Baby hitmaker told Martha Stewart that he was a straight A student, finishing high school with a 4.0 GPA. As you can imagine, the famous life guru was more than surprised, seeing that she asked him whether he dropped out of school.

Before discovering that Biebs was actually a bookworm, the 21-year-old superstar did a couple of other amazing things – he defended Kylie Jenner and apologized for his naked photograph from Bora Bora. His reputation may be tarnished, but it seems that Biebs is determined to build a more positive public image and improve his rep.

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