Camille Cosby Still Claims Her Husband Is Innocent


Things haven’t been running very smoothly for Bill Cosby lately. As you all know, the comedian has been accused of abuse and rape by tons of women, with some cases dating back as far as the 80’s. The ongoing charges against him are severly affecting his career with reruns of “The Cosby Show” being cancelled and even Disney taking down his statue in their Hollywood Studio.

But in spite of all this, his wife still remains excruciatingly loyal to him, defending him on all fields, refusing to admit any of the facts the accusers are throwing at Bill. She remains blindly faithful to his side of the story, and goes as far as claiming the victims “consented to drug use and sex”.

She goes on to call him a mere philanderer and states that this matter should be solved within the Cosby family, that it is a private dispute. Her reaction is kind of weird, seeing as the Associated Press reported that Bill Cosby testified in 2005, stating that he had obtained Quaaludes with the intention of drugging young women for sex and that he had dosed at least one woman.

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