Mother Of Cosby’s Accuser Wants Camille Cosby To Tell The Truth


Bill Cosby’s wife Camille has received a letter from the mother of on of the accusers for the sexual assault and rape allegations. She is urging Camille to tell the truth.

According to AP the woman in question is Jennifer Kaya Thompson who was introduced to, now 77-year-old comedian, by her parents in the late 1980s. Jennifer’s parents were seeking advice from Cosby about their daughters modeling career. She was 17 at the time. After the assault Jennifer claims that she lost interest in a modeling career.

In a video interview with AP Jennifer’s mother Judy talked about a letter she wrote to Camille Cosby pleading for her to tell the truth in a hope that she will as she has three daughters herself.

She has not received a response as of yet and a spokesman for the family did not respond to comments about the letter.

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