Suge Knight Hit-and-Run Video Surfaces


Popular celebrity website TMZ has come into possession of a video that shows rapper Suge Knight  running over two men, one of which ended up dying from the impact. It is a gruesome video and it is almost certainly going to be the key evidence at Suge’s murder trial.

In the video, Suge pulls up to Cle “Bone” Sloan who works as security at the set of Dr. Dre’s biopic Straight Outta Compton. Bone attacks the rapper through the window of the car and Suge hits the reverse. As he does it, he clips Bone with a mirror and knocks him over.

The second man, Terry Carter walks towards Bone now lying on the ground. Suge then puts the vehicle into drive and guns straight for Bone, hitting him once again and then running Carter over at full speed.

Suge claims that he was threatened by the crowd and that he was afraid he would get shot at if he didn’t reverse. One thing he did not explain is why he then ran over Bone again and why he rammed Carter who died from the sustained injuries.

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