Morgan Freeman Fine After Emergency Plane Landing

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman had a little bit of a scare this weekend. He was making a routine trip from Mississippi, where he lives, to Texas in order to shoot a segment for “The Story of God.” But right after taking off, the routine flight turned out to be less routine, when the private plane he was in blew a tire.

However, they were able to make an emergency landing just 36 miles from where they took off in Clarksdale. Morgan was the only person on board the private plane, along with his pilot Jimmy Hobson.

Freeman said that both of them are fine and that he is very thankful for having such a great pilot. The Oscar-winning actor praised Hobson, saying that his pilot is one of the best, adding that he also learned how to fly from him.

Freeman loves flying himself and has been taking lessons from Hobson for a while. Good to know that they are both fine.

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