NBA Star Draymond Green Arrested For Slapping Someone


Nothing’s really going that well for Draymond Green this summer. The NBA star is coming off a terrible defeat in the NBA Finals after his Golden State Warriors lost in Game 7 to Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavs.

Now he has to deal with hecklers at bars. Even worse, it seems that Green lost control after being continually heckled by someone and ended up slapping the dude in the face.

Reports say that the celebrity basketball player was hanging at a bar in East Lansing, Michigan and that there was a guy there that just wouldn’t leave him alone. Apparently, it was a drunk college guy from who goes to Michigan State University.

We are guessing that he was drunk, because why else would you get in the face of an NBA player that is a foot taller than you and probably 50 pounds heavier?

Well, Green couldn’t take the abuse anymore and apparently slapped the guy across the face, which led to him being taken in by the police, who were on the scene.

Green is going to have to appear in court on July 20.

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