Lamar Odom Gets Booted From Home By Khloe Kardashian


Remember when Khloe Kardashian rented a home for her ex-husband Lamar Odom so that he would be nearby while recovering from last year’s overdose and coma? Well Kardashian has had it with the former NBA player and is kicking him out of that home.

It’s bad enough that she was paying $25,000 a month for the Calabasas pad, but according to recent reports, a relative that visited Odom found a crack pipe on the property recently.

Kardashian was already filing for divorce for the second time after Odom couldn’t stop drinking after almost dying in Nevada last year. Her plan is to now erase him from her life completely.

Khloe was there for him through thick and thin. The reality celebrity was by Odom’s side during his entire rehabilitation effort and she wanted to help him get back on track. But Odom simply can’t change his self-destructive ways and as far as Kardashian is concerned, she is done trying to help him.

According to reports, Odom is currently hopping from one home to another, staying with any of his friends in the area that are willing to take him in.

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