Neighbor Sues Khloe Kardashian Because Fireworks Freaked Out His Dog


Khloe Kardashian definitely has her hands full these days with the whole Lamar Odom thing, really milking that media machine for all she can. Now, in the middle of that whole thing, she is learning that one of her neighbors is suing her.

More precisely, her neighbor called James Ferguson is suing her for the ridiculously intense fireworks she organized for her then-boyfriend’s James Harden’s birthday a few weeks ago. Even more precisely, the neighbor is claiming fireworks caused great distress to his dog who hasn’t been the same since.

We are having a great time trying to imagine the stuff his dog is up to these days, if we’re being honest. We are also having a great time imagining new ways in which people will try to squeeze a few bucks from the Kardashians in the future.

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