IRS Wants $220,000 From Beyoncé’s Daddy


The stupidity of man is a source of infinite joy and laughter. You have a guy whose daughter is frickin’ Beyoncé and who frickin’ holds “Beyoncification” classes for poor deluded souls who believe they are one day with Bey’s frickin’ dad away from stardom.

Then, you have that same frickin’ guy frickin’ advertising these classes frickin’ everywhere, publicizing the frickin’ price in the process. And then that same frickin’ guy thinks he can get away without paying frickin’ taxes to the frickin’ IRS.

Of course, the frickin’ IRS doesn’t miss a thing and comes down hard on the aforementioned frickin’ guy, handing him a bill for frickin’ $220,000. Then, we find out that this frickin’ guy already owes more than a frickin’ million to the IRS! The frickin’ guy is a frickin’ fool.

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