Russell Brand Bashes His Marriage To Katy Perry


Russell Brand leaves nearly nothing unsaid when discussing his ex-wife Katy Perry, and the issues that eventually led to their divorce in 2012.

In “BRAND: A Second Coming,” his new documentary, he says that the celebrity lifestyle that he had to endure because of his marriage to Perry was something he couldn’t stand. He even calls fame and power “bullsh*t” as footage of him walking through a paparazzi crowd with his ex-wife is shown. In the trailer for the documentary, he comments:

“Oh my f**king god. I’m living, like, this life of the very thing I detest vapid, vacuous celebrity.”

Brand’s trip to Africa in 2010 had a significant effect on him and was one of the things that led to their divorce. The pop star states that she learned of Brand’s intention to divorce her over a text message. Perry also claims that the main reason for their divorce was that Brand couldn’t handle her being “the boss” while they were on tour.

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