Nicki Minaj And Meek Mills Lease Expensive New House


Celebrity rap couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are getting ready to move into a fancy new Beverly Hills home they just leased.

It would seem to be the natural next step, since they are engaged. Many people wanted to know why they aren’t buying. It’s not like they are short on cash. But it could be because Meek is still under house arrest and they are waiting for his legal issues to be cleared before they buy some new digs.

But this new home is definitely nothing to sneeze at. It’s an 11,000+ square foot mansion that has nine bedrooms and eight baths. And just so we are still aware who wears the pants in the relationship, we have heard that Minaj is flipping the $30,000 per month bill for the home, which makes sense because she’s way more financially successful than Mill will probably ever be at this point.

Mill doesn’t seem to be worried about it, though. He’s completely comfortable with Minaj being more popular and successful than he is, which is obvious by the fact that they are still together and happy.

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