What Made Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Settle?


Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard have reached a settlement worth $7 million, which means that they won’t be going to court.

The way most sources close to both celebrities see it, this is the best possible outcome for both of them. Some do speculate that Heard might have been able to get more money out of a different kind of deal – one that paid money over time instead of agreeing to one lump sum – but it the end, $7 million is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Most agree that Heard simply wanted to get out of this with her integrity intact. And the settlement helps her do that, since it is not clear that she wasn’t just making up accusations in order to get more money out of Depp.

And as for Depp, he should be happy that they are going to avoid court entirely. The last thing the Hollywood A-lister wanted was a long and messy divorce proceeding. At the end of the day, reaching a settlement worked in everyone’s favor.

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