Nicole Kidman Talks Marriage, Business and Past Love

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After a very rough year for actress Nicole Kidman, with the failure of ‘Grace of Monaco’ and the passing of her father, the star covers the January issue of Elle promoting her new movie ‘Paddington.’

She also opens up about her marriage, past love, colleagues, and hopes of pregnancy.

Here are the highlights.

On why she married Keith Urban after dating for a month:

 “I’m spontaneous. I jump in. I kind of like getting married and then getting to know each other; I know that it sounds incredibly strange, but to me, it’s a more natural process.”

When she noticed that the her 38-year-old interviewer was pregnant, Nicole said:

“I had my last one at 43. My grandmother had her last at 49. Every month, I’m like, ‘I hope I’m pregnant!’” “Off the record,” interjects her publicist, who’d been waiting nearby to escort her into hair and makeup. “‘Off the record’? I don’t mind!” Kidman says. “Why not, right? I wish I was!”

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This is what Sheryl Crow says about Kidman: “I think that she has been very poised throughout her public life, and sometimes people will misconstrue that; they see her as being an ice queen. The kind of scrutiny she’s been subjected to can’t be comfortable, and she’s dealt with it by being very careful—that’s what gives people the wrong idea. She’s not someone we’re going to see out paddle-boarding in a G-string; she doesn’t set up situations where she’s playing to the paparazzi. She’s more old-school than that. She’s not that kind of movie star.”

On Kubrick, Cruise and Eyes Wide Shut: She credits the legendary Stanley Kubrick, who directed her and Cruise in 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut, for encouraging her:

“He would always say, ‘You’re a character actress, Nicole. Don’t play leading ladies. Go and find the character roles.’” In fact, she says, she loved working with Kubrick so much that she didn’t mind the famously drawn-out, two-year shoot…and neither did her then husband. “We loved it.

Everyone thought that was when our marriage started to break down—not at all. That movie was a great part of our life together, and I’m glad we have it.”

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