Is There A Baby Clooney On The Way?


His wife Amal has made George Clooney break a lot of vows. Of course, the biggest one was that he would never get married. Clooney also said at one point that he was not interested in having children.

Could Amal have changed his mind on that big life decision as well?

The couple were going out in West Hollywood recently when some paparazzi snaps a couple of candid photos of them. And to us it looks like Amal might be carrying a baby bump. Her posture shows it, and she is holding her hands on her stomach., which many expecting mothers tend to do.

Clooney‘s people are denying it, but you never know.

We’ll find out in time whether or not the rumors are true. For now, all we can do is wait and hope that George has finally decided to give the world some offspring to gaze at and be in awe of.

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