Mark Wahlberg Wants His Felony Assault Charge Cleared


Mark Wahlberg applied for a pardon related to his 1988 felony assault charges, which he now wants deleted from his record.

The rapper turned actor/producer asked the Massachusetts Board of Pardons to clear his criminal record for reasons one can only guess, but judging from a recent interview, in which he said that he became very close to the police department, it seems he wants to become a cop.

Wahlberg said that he is drawn to police work but the felony assault charges on his criminal record prevent him from actually joining the force. Wahlberg allegedly expressed his wish to become a reserve police officer, which is pretty much the same as a regular policeman, only without pay.

His request was met with mixed reactions. While some applaud his wish to help the community, free of all the negative things from his past, others feel that he still owes an apology to his victims.

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