Ken Weatherwax, Known As Pugsley, Dies At The Age of 59

Addams_Family_main_cast_1964Addams Family main cast 1964” by ABC Television – eBay itemphoto frontphoto back. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Ken Weatherwax, who played Pugsley, the son of Morticia and Gomez in the 1960s TV show The Addams Family, was found dead by heart attack at his California home.

Weatherwax became popular after his role of Pugsley, the oldest child in the series, which ran from 1964 to 1966 on ABC. He later reprised his role, this time with voice only, in the animated version of the series, which aired in the 1970s.

After his role in The Addams Family, Weatherwax shot a few commercials and served in the army. Then he returned to Hollywood, but this time behind the cameras, as a grip in several large productions.

Weatherwax said in an interview he gave a few years back that he enjoyed his time on the show but believed that he was typecast because of his role, and also that he had some tough times in school because children mocked him and called him “Pugsley” all the time.

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