No Partying For Biebs In Miami – Singer Barred From Clubs

It seems that famous young singer Justin Bieber became persona non grata in all major Miami night clubs. Nobody wanted the young star mingling with their guests and the bosses just don’t care about his money.

Bieber’s entourage called ahead last week to try and reserve tables at LIV, Story and Adoré.

Nobody wanted them and they were rejected at all three locations.

Sources tell that his folks even begged and pleaded, promising a big spending on bottles if they only let him in. Well, it didn’t happen.

According to sources, there were two major issues and reasons for not letting Bieber in. First, he’s still not 21 and eligible to drink. Second, last time they let him in, he was arrested for driving under the influence.

His arrest caused many troubles to SET nightclub, which is the main reason for refusing to let the star in. He’s just not worth the trouble.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Joe Raedle / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Another report says Bieber was offered a table in one of the clubs in exchange to singing a song, but he turned the offer down.

So the star ended up having a relaxed low key Friday night at prestigious Cavalli Restaurant and Lounge.

It is still not known where the star spent his Saturday night though, but it was definitely not in one of those Miami clubs.


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