One Direction Isn’t Breaking Up For Good


Although reports had it that One Direction was heading towards a definite split, three members have broken their silence just recently. The claim they will be going on a one-year hiatus, and they insist that they will return. Even though their publicists refused to comment, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have expressed their views on the topic via Twitter by saying that they are simply “taking a well-earned break at some point next year.”

Liam Payne has also commented on how the matter’s resolving and has published a series of tweets Tuesday morning. Harry Styles, however, hasn’t yet remarked on the whole situation, and we’ve yet to see his take on this.

The group will be taking a hiatus for a year from March 2016, which means they will not tour to support their upcoming fifth album. This greatly surprised some – a successful band such as One Direction deciding not to tour an album is very atypical. Their 2014 Where We Are tour grossed about $290 million from just 69 shows, which ranked it the 12th-highest-grossing tour of all time.

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