Zayn Relieved One Direction Members Didn’t Bad Mouth Him


Zayn Malik recently left the hugely popular pop group One Direction, and a lot of people were sad about it. Of course, their fans were crushed, but so were the other members of the group. Zayn opened up recently, stating that he was really worried that the rest of the band would be very bitter about his departure.

However, the first interview that the group did after Zayn’s departure was actually very nice. No one said anything bad about Zayn, and wished him well.

Liam from One Direction did say that the band was frustrated, adding that everyone in the group was “gutted,” but that they understand Zayn’s decision to leave.

They also reiterated that they would continue with the group and would be working as a four-piece, instead of trying to fill Zayn’s shows. Malik is currently on a well-deserved vacation, but he also has big plans when it comes to his solo career. The fact that no one is angry means that there’s still a chance that they could reunite one day, though!

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