Pop Superstars Join Jay Z In Unveiling Tidal (VIDEO)


Word Tidal was trending like crazy these last few days, with the biggest music stars today, from Jay Z and Kanye to Madonna and the pale dude from Coldplay letting their fans know that a revolution is about to start.

Jay Z was the first to tweet about it – “The Tides They Are-A Changing” #TIDALforALL

Kanye followed soon after with – The love of music is louder than words. In five hours history will be made @TIDALHiFi. #TIDALforALL

By now, people were starting to lose their minds, only to get even more excited when Rihanna tweeted – NAVY, turn the tide…#MakeMusicHistory #TurnitBlue #TIDALforALL

And then…

…and then all of them, together with some other huge stars like Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keyes and Jack White just to name a few, announced the revolution that is Tidal…

…which turned out to be nothing but a glorified Spotify with super-celeb backers.

No really, Tidal is nothing more than a more expensive version of Spotify which boasts better quality of sound.

That’s it.


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