Oops! Steve Harvey Flubs Miss Universe Announcement


And the award for the absolute worst television gaffe in 2015 goes to…Steve Harvey, of course! Crowning the wrong Miss Universe, an utterly embarrassing mistake, categorized by the network and the producers as “a human error,” caused a lot of confusion, some laughs and even some tears, especially for Miss Colombia.

So what exactly happened on Sunday night in Las Vegas? Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the winner of Miss Universe, before realizing he made a mistake. The crown was taken from poor Miss Colombia and given to Miss Philippines, the actual winner of the contest. Both contestants stood awkwardly in the center of the stage as the ceremony closed, Miss Colombia visibly shaken and wiping away her tears.

Some say it was all a publicity stunt, and Harvey released a Snapchat story that “proves” the teleprompter gave him the wrong winner. Poor Miss Colombia, how will she ever go on?

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