Paris And Kelly Were Not Fighting At Coachella


Paris Hilton has dismissed rumors about an alleged ugly argument with Kelly Osbourne at California’s Coachella music festival. She also insisted she didn’t even see Kelly at all during the weekend of April 12-13.

Those rumors were actually brought up after Kelly sent Paris a message through She wrote, “(Paris Hilton) please grow up there is no need to act like a child you could of (sic) happily joined us! It’s not 2005 no one cares!

The post has since been deleted.

The message was sent on Sunday, April 13.

That tweet was suggesting that Kelly avoided Paris at the festival. However, Hilton responded in a polite way that she did not see the Fashion Police during the festival.

Therefore, she took to to respond accordingly, “Getting tweets about us. I’m confused, as I did not see you once this entire weekend. No clue how these stories get invented.

A tabloid source reported, “As far as Kelly is concerned, this is something out of nothing. Paris is being ridiculously sensitive and attention-seeking. Kelly was sitting with some mates, minding her own business, when Paris suddenly started b*tching and moaning, and sl**ging her off… She was asked by someone else to join the group, but declined and swanned off. The pair didn’t speak for the rest of the weekend.”

Rachel Worth / WENN

Rachel Worth / WENN

After their dispute in 2005, Kelly resolved their issues by saying, “We have fun together. I know that whatever I tell her, she tells everyone anyway, but I’ve always known she’s not the friend that you tell your deepest secrets to. She’s a fun person, and there is a sincerity about her.

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