Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Share A Kiss In Public


On, Wednesday, Ian McKellen attended the premiere of his new movie, ‘Mr. Holmes’, at London’s ODEON Kensington cinema. In the movie, McKellen plays the aging Sherlock Holmes who comes back from retirement to solve one last case. He was accompanied by Patrick Stewart and his wife who were there to support him.

However, the support was not the only display of friendship that day. At one point, McKellen and Stewart decided to share a heartwarming kiss and a hug on the red carpet. Stewart’s wife did not seem to mind the display of affection, nor did the numerous fans.

The famous acting duo is known for many collaborations, including the one from the X-Men films, where McKellen and Stewart played Magneto and Professor X respectively, as well as many photos they share on their social media to honor their adorable bromance.

Ian McKellen is also known for being openly gay and a vocal advocate for the LGBT community.

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