Justin Bieber Finds His Place On Miley’s Instagram – Again


Miley Cyrus is known for posting interesting photos to her Instagram account and often showing off her Photoshop skills to entertain her huge fanbase. She also frequently mocks other celebrities and posts amazing images of them, the most famous being jokes at the expense of Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. So, what has she been up to now?

She has decided it is Bieber’s turn to appear on her account, again, and has photoshopped his lovely face onto a photo of herself hugging her pet pig – Pig Pig. The result? Absolutely hilarious! If the Paper cover was not interesting enough, Justin’s smiling, happy face sure does add that certain something to it, and makes the photo incredibly entertaining!

We cannot imagine what Justin’s reaction to his fellow singer’s artistic endeavor might be, but we are more than satisfied, and we can only hope she continues making us laugh with her posts.

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