Taylor Swift Does An Amazing Thing For Her Fans Once Again


Taylor Swift, well-known for her generosity, donated $15,000 to a mother and her son after they survived a car crash. Amber Lynn (28), and her son Jonathan Van Riper (7) were badly injured in a car crash in Huntsville, Texas on Saturday, both suffering several broken bones. To make things worse, volunteer firefighter Aaron Van Riper arrived at the scene not knowing that his wife and son were in the car.

Amber’s friend immediately started a fundraising campaign for the family, trying to raise enough money to help them with the medical bills and the expenses they will have now that Aaron will have to stay at home to take care of his family non-stop.

Swift’s donation is the largest in the campaign, which is not surprising, considering the fact that she has been one of the most generous celebrities for three years running. She has donated money to schools, hospitals, and other causes. She is also known to show up at the doorstep or hospital room of her fans.

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